Reference Materials


Maintaining and distributing accurate program staff and parent contact information can be essential in an emergency situation.  Use this fillable form to keep emergency contact information readily available for program staff.

If a program involving minors uses a permission slip or consent form of any kind,  please use the consent form template (.docx) to ensure the safety of minors while they are on the Syracuse University campus.  This is optional for programs; however if hosting a minor in a lab, it is required.

If a program with minors will take place in a scientific laboratory or other similar setting, the minors in laboratories program registration will need to be completed for the department of Environmental Health and Safety Services.

The responsible program person will use this with the parent/legal guardian, in conjunction with registering a 1:1 interaction that follows the protocols as set forth. You will need a PDF editor for the parent/legal guardian sign-off.

If photos will be taken of minors participating in your program, please have the minors parent/legal guardian complete the photo release form.

If a third-party user needs a method to track staff training compliance in the event a program is audited, please use this third-party staff tracking sheet (.xlsx).


The behavioral expectations includes information regarding program volunteer behavior, that all program volunteers will be mindful of, when working with minors.

As part of the University’s commitment to provide an open and safe campus environment for all, including minors, the University has developed these specific guidelines for hosting minors in laboratories. The consent form MUST be signed by the minor and their parent.

These requirements are safety steps that the responsible program person will take when planning and executing the program involving minors.

This document explains the parameters around a one-on-one interaction with minors (.pdf) at Syracuse University.

Planning for an emergency may seem counter-intuitive but it is important to be prepared to respond to an emergency in the  most efficient and responsive way possible.  This guide will help you prepare.

The safety of minors and abuse reporting policy, reaffirms the University’s commitment to the safety and protection of minors invited to campus.


The checklist for third party minor programs streamlines the steps that need to be completed prior to any non-affiliated Syracuse University program taking place on the Syracuse University campus or affiliate.

Lost as to where to start? The minors on campus flowchart will help better understand the process and what steps need to be takes. An accessible version is available.