Syracuse University Students

The University does not permit recreational or hobbyist use of UAS on or above University property. Students who wish to operate a UAS for education or research purposes related to a University course must:

  • Register your UAS with the FAA prior to operating on, or above, University property or for university operations if the UAS weighs more than 0.55 lbs.
  • Mark your UAS to identify that it is registered with the FAA. The marking number must be a unique identifier number, legible, durable and visible or accessible without tools.
  • On or after 9/17/23 comply with Remote ID requirements.
  • Submit a detailed flight plan to the Office of Institutional Risk Management ( prior to operating UAS on, or above, University property using this form: Drone Request Form
  • Provide prior notice of all flights to the SUNY Upstate Heliport and Hancock International Airport control towers. Drones that fly within 5 statute miles of an airport, including heliports, must provide the airport and the control tower (if one exists) with prior notice of the operation. Marshall Street is 5.02 statute miles from Hancock International Airport and the entire campus is within 5 statute miles of the SUNY Upstate Heliport.
  • Follow applicable safety guidelines, including:
    • Operating in accordance with a community-based set of guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization.
    • Ensuring the UAS Weighs less than 55 pounds.
    • Never interfering with any manned aircraft.
    • Always flying the UAS within the operator’s visual line-of-sight unaided by a visual enhancement device (e.g. binoculars).
    • Not being careless or reckless with your UAS. You could be fined by the FAA for endangering people, property or other aircraft.
    • For all Category 3 UAS, not operating the UAS over a crowd of people without informing every person in the crowd that you are operating the UAS.
    • Not operating the UAS over any individual that is unaware you are operating the UAS.
    • Reporting all incidents, including near misses, to the Office of Institutional Risk Management.
    • Taking all reasonable measures to avoid violations of areas normally considered private.
    • Remaining under 400 feet in elevation.

All student flights must be pre-approved.  Approvals for such flights will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the University may deny student flights for any reason.

Contact the Office of Institutional Risk Management with questions or concerns –