Background Checks

Responsible Program Persons are responsible for (a) identifying and documenting all Minors Program staff and volunteers (including University faculty, staff, students, and third-parties); and (b) ensuring all staff or volunteers pass a background check performed within the 6-month period immediately prior to the Program start date.  If you are not in compliance, you will be notified by the Youth Programs Compliance Coordinator and may not participate in programs that involve minors.

Risk Management and Human Resources will procure all background checks, which will include criminal history record checks at the state and federal level, and sex offender registry and child protective services checks at the state level. Human Resources and Risk Management will review the results of any background check. Risk Management will determine the eligibility of staff and volunteers for participation in Minors Programs, with appropriate consultation from the Office of University Counsel, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Human Resources. Individuals who refuse to submit to a background check may not participate in a Minors Program.

**Please note** Third-party sponsors of Minors Programs taking place on property owned, operated or controlled by the University are responsible for procuring and reviewing background checks and conducting training consistent with the requirements of Sections III.B and III.C of the full policy.

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To initiate your background check, please fill out the background check initiation form.