NYS Disability (Non-Exempt Employees)

When a non-exempt employee is out of work for more than one continuous calendar week (normally 5 working days). If you are disabled for more than one week, you must apply for New York State Disability Benefits.  (DB450)

In accordance with NYS Law, within 30 days of the date you become disabled, you must return the completed db450 to the Risk Management Department. Failure to file your claim on time may result in the loss of some or all of your benefits.

Complete, sign and date Part A (Claimant's Statement).  Have your doctor complete and sign Part B (Doctor's Statement).

You must follow the return to work procedures and submit the completed return to work form.   The DB-450 or a doctor's note DO NOT satisfy the required documentation to return to work.  You will NOT be able to return to work without the proper form.

As a full-time or regular part-time employee with a hire date that is before the current fiscal year, you may be eligible for the University’s Supplemental Benefits Plan, in addition to NYS Statutory Disability benefits. As a full-time, regular part-time employee or GA/TA or temporary employee with a hire date that is after the beginning of the current fiscal year, you may be eligible for NYS Statutory Disability benefits.

If your Disability is maternity related, please be sure to contact Human Resources for information regarding New York Paid Family Leave at 315.443.4042 or leaveadmin@syr.edu or by visiting the Human Resource website.

Your department will pay your sick time based on your individual eligibility.  Contact your supervisor.

For further information, please email Sheera Buckley or call her at 315.416.9066.