Checklist for Third-Party Programs

The person responsible for programs sponsored, overseen, supervised, operated, controlled, or managed by a third party that involve minors coming onto Syracuse University owned, operated or controlled property are required to register the program or activity by completing the steps in this checklist. For questions or if you are registering a program for the first time, contact Risk Management or call 315.443.4131.

  1. Register the program in the minors on campus webpage by the appropriate deadline. Recurring programs must re-register every fiscal year. New programs must register at least one month prior to the start of the program, provided the program does not involve overnight stays for minors in Syracuse University residence halls.
  2. Ensure that all background checks have been completed prior to start of program. Specific information regarding what areas must be included in the background check can be found here in Section III, “Background Checks”.
  3. Confirm all program staff, including the responsible program person, completed protection of minors training that complies with N.Y. Social Services Section 413 prior to the start of the program/activity. If you would like more information on training, email the Youth Program Compliance Coordinator.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date program participation list and provide the list to Risk Management.
  5. Provide proof of insurance if requested by Risk Management.

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