Pre-Trip Information

Early in the semester, the field trip leader should discuss with the students the schedule and activities that will take place, as well as any risks associated with the activities of the field trip. This information should be discussed again with a pre-trip orientation prior to departure. The type of field trip will dictate the level of detail needed in the orientation.

Orientation materials should include:

  • the trip destination and purpose;
  • a travel itinerary, route, rest and meal stops;
  • lodging and transportation information;
  • appropriate clothing, gear, or personal protective equipment;
  • and the established rules and protocols specific to the field trip.

Prior to the field trip, field trip leaders should provide a list of participants (including faculty, staff, or other University representatives) to a designated departmental contact who would know how to reach the field trip leader during the trip if necessary. Medical information forms should be collected when appropriate (i.e. if a hazard assessment indicates higher risk activities).

Whenever practical, it is recommended the field trip site be visited in advance by the field trip leader, or an appropriate University official, to evaluate and minimize, through effective planning, any risks associated with the location. Lodging premises and locations should be safe; and any safety concerns should be assessed and documented. See Field-Trip-Hazard-Assessment-Form-2020 for assistance with site assessment.

Field trip leaders should inform all participants that University policies for faculty, staff, and students apply to field trips regardless of the location. Instructional activities and settings should be consistent with University policies including, but not limited to, policies on alcohol and drug use, vehicle use, student misconduct, etc. All participants are individually responsible for their personal conduct while on the trip. Field trip leaders should inform participants to notify field trip leaders if any part of the instructions or activities are not understood or cannot be followed, regardless of reason.