Emergency Situations and Accidents

Field trip leaders should develop an emergency response plan and know the procedures for responding in event of an emergency. The type of field trip dictates the level of emergency planning needed. Items to address in the emergency response plan include:

  • All participants should know how to contact the University from the site, find and use the cell phone, and what to do if separated from the group.
  • In addition to the field trip leader, at least one person should be designated as a back-up to carry an emergency department phone number to notify the department on campus if an emergency has occurred.
  • If the trip location is remote, it is strongly recommended that at least two persons on the trip have first aid skills, a first aid kit, and a cell phone or appropriate means of communication in the event emergency aid is needed.
  • A protocol for circumstances that may necessitate the supervisor leaving the group to accompany an injured or ill student.
  • Confirmation that cell phones will operate from the field trip site should be made in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made if needed.

In the event of an emergency, field trip leaders should attend to the injured immediately. Once the situation has been stabilized, field trip leaders can then determine what condition(s) or act(s) caused the injury or illness. The field trip leader should initiate any steps that are necessary to prevent similar incidents in the future. Things to look for are: specific sequence of events that led to the emergency situation, conditions that may have contributed to the emergency situation, and statements from eyewitnesses, if available.

Immediately call 911 in all incidents involving serious injury or death, multiple injuries, or extensive property damage. As soon as possible, contact the designated departmental emergency contact, Risk Management, and Syracuse University Department of Public Safety to report the situation and receive assistance. Phone numbers for these units can be found below. The Field Trip Accident-Report-Form-2020 can be used to record information about the details of the incident after the situation has been stabilized.

Department of Public Safety  315.443.2224

Risk Management 315.443.4011