Minors on Campus

Syracuse University considers the safety and well being of youth program participants to be important.  Each University program sponsor must consider the impact of all activities conducted during the course of a camp or enrichment program, must appreciate the risks and legal responsibilities and take appropriate measures to manage the potential for exposure to program participants to reasonable foreseeable risks.

As part of its commitment to provide an open and safe campus environment for all, including minors, Syracuse University needs to identify all programs, events and activities that serve, or otherwise engage, youth.  A minor is an individual under the age of 18, who is not a matriculated student, enrolled at the University, or employed by the University.

If you direct, sponsor, supervise or are in some other way responsible for such a program, event, or activity, there are several things you need to do:

  • Register the program;
  • Ensure that all supervisors, staff, volunteers or facilitators involved in the program, event, or activity receive appropriate training on child abuse prevention and response, sexual harassment prevention and response, and prevention of non-consensual sexual activity, including rape and sexual assault. After Risk Management reviews questionnaire responses training details will be provided, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that background checks are current or are conducted* on any employees, volunteers or other adults whose positions make it necessary, likely or possible that they will come in significant contact with minors or youth during a program, event, or activity. The hiring department is responsible for paying the background check fee.

*A background check conducted within the past year by certain outside agencies, such as the Syracuse City School District, may satisfy this requirement.