Rental Cars on University Business

Risk Management recommends the following when renting a passenger vehicle or van on University business;

  1. Read the contract carefully tor limitations and comply with them;
  2. If permitted by the rental company, rent the vehicle in the University’s name with the
    employee’s name(s) indicated as the designated driver(s);
  3. Inspect the vehicle before leaving the lot and upon return. Make sure the rental
    company is informed and has a record of any pre-existing damages;
  4. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is included in most rentals if employee provides contract codes at time of rental.  Please visit the Purchasing website to obtain the codes.
  5. If the employee purchased the CDW for a passenger vehicle or a van rental and is
    involved in an accident, follow the rental car/van company’s procedures for claims
  6. If the employee did not purchase the CDW and elected to use the University’s insurance
    coverage (US RENTALS ONLY) and is involved in an accident, complete the rental car or van company’s accident report and notify your supervisor and the Risk Management Department 315.443.4011, FAX 315. 443.1154 within 48 hours for further instructions.
  7. Whether you purchased the coverage through the rental company or utilized the University’s insurance (US rentals only for University insurance), in the event of an accident involving a “third party” (e.g. another vehicle) and potential third party liability for bodily injury or property damage, Accident Report Form and notify the rental vehicle company, your supervisor and Risk Management 315.443.4011, FAX 315.443.4011 within 48 hours. DO NOT ADMIT ANY LIABILITY FOR THE ACCIDENT.
  8. For rentals outside the United States, Risk Management requires the renter to purchase the insurance offered by the rental company.  This includes the purchase of CDW coverage.

Please be advised that any accident or traffic violation an employee has as a renter on
University business becomes part of his/her driving record and may be used by his/her personal
automobile insurance carrier to increase his/her personal insurance rates. Therefore, it makes
sense to drive carefully when driving a rental car or van on University business. Also, in
accordance with the University’s Vehicle Safety Policy, the payment of all traffic violations and
citations will be the sole responsibility of the driver.