Minors on Campus

Syracuse University is strengthening its commitment to the safety of minors (children under 18 who are not matriculated University students) invited to its campus, or participating in programs operated, controlled, or sponsored by the University. The policy builds upon existing University practices by confirming all such programs or activities must register with the University, and that all program staff (including University faculty, staff, students, and third-parties) and volunteers undergo background checks and training about how to interact with minors and identify and report suspected child abuse. The policy reaffirms that all University employees—including any individual participating in programs or activities involving minors on campus or sponsored by the University—must report suspected child abuse.

If you direct, sponsor, supervise or are in some other way responsible for such a program, event, or activity, there are several things you need to do:

2019 Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act Report Now Available

Every year, we release an informational report on drug and alcohol policy and services. This report is required of all universities, in compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act, to give campus community members information about substance use and abuse, and institutional policies and programs in place to provide intervention and support.

We hope you will take time to review this report because we believe that information, education and personal awareness are powerful tools to ensure your health and safety and that of others on campus.

The 2019 edition of the Syracuse University Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act Report is now available online.

To request a print copy of the Syracuse University Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act Report, please contact Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance at or 315.443.4011. Once you submit your request, your print copy will be delivered within 10 days.

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to make Syracuse University a safe and healthy place for living, learning and working.

Enterprise Risk Management

The Enterprise Risk Management Program works with leadership across the University to identify and mitigate risks that may interfere with Syracuse University’s mission. The goal of the Enterprise Risk Management Program is to embed risk resources into existing business processes with the objective of being strategic, efficient, and supportive.

Transitional Duty Program

Syracuse University is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. Prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses is a primary goal. However, workplace injuries and illnesses due occur and for that reason Syracuse University has developed a Transitional Duty program to assist employees to return to work/stay at work after an injury.

Effective 7/1/18 employees who have a work-related injury or illness can participate in the Transitional Duty Program.  Contact Risk Management for more information.

Four Questions About Drone Use on Campus

Syracuse University has instituted guidelines regarding the use of drones on campus. These guidelines were established to help the University community operate drones safely, responsibly, and legally. We recently turned to Michaele DeHart, director of Risk Management, for answers on some commonly asked questions. For more information about drone use on campus, visit

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