Field Trip Guidelines

Syracuse University, in furtherance of its not-for-profit mission as an institution of higher education, through its various departments and offices, provides opportunities for field trips to facilitate and enhance the learning process taking place within the University community. Participation in field trips shall be limited to members of the University community.

While the University provides field trip opportunities by arranging for visits to appropriate locations and facilities, and participation in pertinent programs, field trip participants are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences. The University shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant’s failure to comply with University rules and regulations, the direction of University employees, or applicable law.

The preceding principles and the following guidelines are intended to apply to official University sponsored field trips.

A. Pre-trip Meeting
The Professor or administrator in charge of the field trip should hold a pre-trip planning meeting with all participants to discuss the planned itinerary, behavioral expectations, and transportation details.

B. Transportation
The sponsoring University department should be prepared to arrange for transportation by official university vehicle(s) rental vehicle(s), chartered service, or regularly scheduled transportation service, if necessary, personal vehicles. The following rules obtain to the use of vehicles.

  1. University Vehicles:
    Only University employees should drive; (Refer to the University Vehicle Safety Policy)
  2. Rental Vehicles:
    If rented with University funds, only University employees shall drive; all terms of rental contract must be complied with.  The University prohibits departments or employees from renting 15 passenger vans on or for University business.
  3. Contract Bus Service:
    Adequate insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage must be provided by the bus company; if the company carries less than five(5) million dollars per occurrence, the Risk Management Department shall be consulted to determine if a lower coverage amount is acceptable.
  4. Regularly Scheduled Carriers:
    Regular scheduled transportation service providers (e.g., Greyhound, Amtrak) may be utilized for field trip transportation.
  5. Personal Vehicles:
    Should only be used on a voluntary basis; the owners/drivers must provide their own Insurance coverage; all student participants choosing to ride in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. The University shall not insure or accept liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of a student participant’s vehicle(s). The University does not provide comprehensive or collision (physical damage) insurance for an employee’s personal vehicle driven on University business and the employee is responsible for primary liability insurance. The University does carry non-owned excess liability coverage to protect the University and employee in the event of a suit resulting from an automobile accident in which an employee was driving on university business.

C. Accident and Medical Insurance
The Professor or Administrator in charge of the field trip shall communicate to the participants that the University does not provide medical insurance for any student’s participation in field trips. All student participants shall be responsible for any medical costs they incur during and/or as a result of the field trip.

D. Participation
Only students enrolled in the class or program sponsoring the field trip may participate (i.e., no friends or relatives).

All participants are required to engage in the planned activities of the field trip. Unstructured time should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risks inherent in unsupervised activity. The sponsoring department should keep a list of all participants involved in the field trip.

To communicate with Risk Management about field trips, send an e-mail to Michaele DeHart  or call 315.443.2804.